Kvikna Medical is proud to be part of the PETITE Study, a multi-center study to evaluate the pharmacokinetics, efficacy and safety of Brivaracetam in Neonates with repeated electroencephalographic seizures after stressful and complicated deliveries.

As stated in the study information leaflet: “Some babies with HIE can have seizures (fits of convulsions) in the first one to three days after birth. A baby who has neonatal seizures may need several different medicines to control these seizures. The babies with short seizures, which can be stopped quickly using medication, seem to do better.” Kvikna Medical is therefore very proud and happy to be part of this important study.

The study is sponsored by UCB Biopharma SPRL and the goal is to try to find improved ways of treating neonatal seizures. The PETITE study is taking place in many hospitals all over Europe and Kvikna Medical provides EEG recording devices and a dedicated PETITE cloud service for the expert evaluation and monitoring of the babies brains throughout the study.